Travel Photo : Gaudi’s masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia


When you enter the majestic space of the La Sagrada Familia interior,  the soft cylindrical columns draw your views and attention immediately up to the ceiling and focusing on the golden lit opening above the main altar. This opening seems to magically draw a spiritual light and presence that just envelops the entire cathedral, the golden details sparkle with the presence of the holy spirit. Gaudi’s masteripiece has been a work in progress since it’s start in 1882 with its finally projected completion by 2026.   Pope Benedict XVI consecrated in the Catholic church as a basilica in 2010 with a crowded capacity of over 6,500 in the church and over 50,000 celebrating outside.

Even though it is incomplete, the site is registered as a Unesco World Heritage site along with six of Gaudi’s other architectural works representing the Modernisme period of Catalania architecture and arts.



The main altar at La Sagrada Familia

The main altar at La Sagrada Familia


Hope you enjoyed this tour of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, to find out more information and details about Gaudi’s masterpiece, you can check out the wiki page here. If you enjoyed the post, please do share it with any social media buttons below.





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